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GM & Cat Herder

Derek is the poor soul tasked with wrangling these goons into actually playing the game. He works in software and dabbles in more things than he has time for.

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The Talent

Drow is an abomination in their late thousands who represents themselves with they/them pronouns. Drow is a professional character design artist, and an aspiring voice actrex.

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​Rightfully Disappointed in the Rest of Us

Kat’s first foray into role play games was using email to write stories back and forth with her childhood best friends. Despite her love for her fellow players and their podcast fun, she does regret agreeing to naming the podcast after her mortal enemy—mayonnaise.

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Jacob is a simple guy with simple taste. At this point he is but a simple player in this sea of mayo. Jacob enjoys games, cats, puns, and making characters he knows he will never get to use. His greatest talent is his ability to ALMOST remember things correctly.

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